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brokeninamorata's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

I make all these icons myself (with credits to others where applicable) so I'd appreciate a credit in your keywords. Just add "broken inamorata" to your keywords, or follow this convienient link. I always appreciate comments of friending or whatever else you think is nice. Unless you're an asshole. Then you can kindly fuck off and die.

This layout is a not_layouts production. It's not a layout. We lied, it is. The image is off of Getty and is some random guy I found. Everything was manipulated by me, theonlykow, for not_layouts. I don't know nuthin' bout no pictchu's.
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Ghost World icons! [
[ 07:21 am ] [ credit ]
Please credit so as to avoid painful agony. All screencaps from beautyandsong (found here) with huge props.

+4Collapse )

Amelie icons! [
[ 04:14 pm ] [ credit ]
Credit is cooler than an STD.

+3Collapse )


Kill Bill icons! [
[ 04:10 pm ] [ credit ]
Credit or I beat you skull into a ball of flesh!

+4Collapse )

Credit or I'll find your face and demolish it.

Saikano Icons! [
[ 01:47 am ] [ credit ]
A few Saikano icons that I felt like making. Four hush, one text'd. For a hot time, be sure to credit me.

+4Collapse )

Credit is today's secret word! Bing bing bing alert whoop!

Luke Chueh Icons! [
[ 01:40 am ] [ credit ]
Luke Chueh is cooler than cool; I don't claim to have made these pictures at all, they're solely Luke Chueh's works. I only turned them into icons for icon-based consumption and to release his work into the wild so more people can appreciate the painful glory that is his work. Seriously, one of my favorite artists and one of my favorite pictures.

+4Collapse )

As usual a credit would be nice.

Gackt Icons! [
[ 08:23 pm ] [ credit ]
Gackt icons. Three of them. ...yeah.

+3Collapse )

Blah blah credit blah.

Kozi Icons! [
[ 07:30 pm ] [ credit ]
I like about... five of these. Whatever.

+5Collapse )

As before and forever more: credit is much appreciated.

Creepy Nun Icons! [
[ 05:05 pm ] [ credit ]
I'm not sure what to categorize these as. My friend purplesoda and I went insane with the Best Base Ever from a picture of a very, very creepy nun, haha. So here, have 115 Creepy Nun Icons. Mostly rated G, some are PG-13 / R for language, nothing graphic unless you actually are a nun or something. In which case it might be somewhat... offensive. Sorry, nuns of the world.

My personal favorites are the Sunny D and All-Nun Softball Team ones. And "all work and no play makes nun a dull nun". Hahaha. COME ON IT'S A NUN HOW FUNNY!

Credit is always appreciated.

+113Collapse )

I'll give a cookie to anyone who can point out the typo and the blooper amongst them, haha. Again, credit is always appreciated.

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